Amco Review of Starslinger Terp Sugar

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This Startslinger is a Bold product that I picked up at Suite 443 when I snagged a ride one Sunday afternoon. the Terp Sugar has tested out at THC 69.7 and CBD is NA. The test date is 7-22-20. This product is a mixture of 2 strains ut I’m not sure of the ratio of the 2 strains in the mix. Gunslinger is a indica dominate hybrid and the 2nd strain Stardawg is a parent genetic of Gunslinger. So this blend should be great.

The Look

This one gram sample is a new consistency for me to review. Labeled “Terp Sugar”. The consistency when you press a tool in the material is diffrent. Its got a re-bond like pushing on grained jello. Its a beautiful hue of golden orange with a touch of peach color. There looks to be small sand like crystals bits in the concentrate. It is quite impressive ill go a Amco High Opinion of 9.

The Smell

This is a treat for the nose. It’s also has got that fuel and citrus scent while in the jar. When its in arousal form after you hit it and let out that exhale it smells skunk in the air. It’s probably not the best product for you if stealth is important when your medicating. It’s a Pleasant smell that makes the nose happy, Amco High Opinion of 9.

The Taste

I dropped a half rice grain size dab in the yo dabba dabba e-nail set at 615. The Citrus and fuel smells transfer to the taste with ease. The 2nd dose about the size of a whole grain of rice, I smear on the coil of a a New Ooze Swoop glass globe, and attach it to a 1100 MaH Battery by ooze as well that I’ll be using at 4.8 volts.The fuel notes were much more remarkable in the Globe. I don’t know if that is do to the water filtration or the temperature its being vaped at. Amco High Opinion 9.

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The Effect

Starslinger packs a euphoric sativa like head space at first dose. After dose number 2 the body effect of muscle relaxation starts at my neck making my head feel heavy. Muscle cramps and the chronic type pain is well managed with this product although is falls a little short of my needs for nephropathy pain. My Nerve pain is almost untreatable with out opioids these days, but for muscle pain and chronic pain and mood establishing I give this product a Amco High Opinion of 9.

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Overall Bold’s Starslinger is a 9 of 10 and a must have for pain patients with muscle pain.

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