Best buy may have mistakenly leaked the prices of PS5 and X Box Series X! is it true? Details here

Best buy may have mistakenly leaked the prices of PS5 and X Box Series X! is it true? Details here

Finally, the wait is over for the gamers who are excitedly waiting for the next generation consoles to be on the market. And sony has made the move of announcing preorder details of PS5. Emailing every curious customer who has a PSN account of how to preorder the console directly from Sony. As well as notifying them of the limited supply and there’s no guarantee of acquiring one, to begin with. Best Buy is the selling platform which offers financing plans for expensive products, that includes video game consoles.

Recently it’s been on the news that Best Buy may have accidentally leaked the upcoming next-gen consoles price on their website. As we all know the release date of the consoles hasn’t made public and is a couple of weeks away from releasing. Including no information on the price these two consoles have. What do you think? Is the price leak on Best Buy is actually genuine? or just a scam to mislead people? Read on more to know more about the details of Best Buy pricing on the next-gen consoles.

More details on the pricing set by Best Buy!

Discovered first by dual shockers, best buy offers an 18 months financing offer for both PS5 and X Box Series X consoles respectively. The offer for both products is set up with 499$ and up, leading it to believe that the minimum price of both consoles will be 499$. Most analysts are inclined to believe that the pricing will be the same range and expected amount of upcoming consoles.

PS5 and X Box Series XPS5 and X Box Series X

However, all this information should be taken with a grain of salt as the prices could also be just a placeholder. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has given the official info on the price of the consoles. So it’s possible that the price is not finalized by either of them.

Nevertheless, 499$ seems like a reasonable price for the next-gen consoles. Although a bundle will be an exception to this case. As the console will include a game or an extra controller as well as a game pass subscription. Until the official announcement comes from the respective companies. All of this information is just baseless speculation.

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