Chinese Disguised As Canadians? Wuhan General Group To Buy Into African Cannabis Grow Company In Lethsoto

Gulf State billionaires and now the Chinese are digging deeper into the Canadian cannabis market.

Who ? What? are the Wuhan General Group

Seeking Alpha has the most basic of information about the Lesotho deal(see below)

What we’re trying to understand why a Canadian company would call itself the Wuhan General Group (pandemic or no pandemic),  their website doesn’t indicate mainland China investors but the name would imply that Chinese ownership of one sort or another is the case. Their head office is located at 6500 Transcanada hwy Suite 400 Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 0A5 Canada according to their website

Press release information and prior deals suggest a strong Canadian / South African connection which makes perfect sense for this Lesotho deal but we would still like to know more about the “Wuhan” angle.

Did they just think it was a cool name?

Looking at their press release page we see releases from..

  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Montreal
  • Barcelona
  • Los Angeles
  • Cape Town

Then this single one that says……

Wuhan General Group (China), Inc. (OTC PINK: WUHN) (the “Company” and “Wuhan”), is pleased to announce the closing of our previously announced Letter of Intent to acquire 49% of Biodelta Nutraceuticals, Ltd. assets which includes the land, the buildings, and the infrastructure as well as the specialized greenhouse and drying ovens…

Read on to learn more about the various arms of this company that  appears to be a China capital equipment manufactuer and investment entity that has decided over the last few years to now place money into medical cannabis and psy research in Canada, South Africa, Lesotho and possibly Spain?

What we don’t know and are yet to find out …….

  • How much investment comes from the Canadian markets ?
  • What if any investment is coming out of mainland China?
  • If there is investment from mainland China.. are these investors connected to Wuhan General Group China Inc?
  • Do we have any names for the board of directors of Wuhan General Group China Inc?
  • Who will control the Lesotho deal. The Canadian entity or the China entity?

Then, there’s politics.

Canada is currently ground zero for the Chinese government’s war with the “west” over Huawei 5G.

Only the most naive amongst us will believe that Beijing geo-politics doesn’t affect business relationships in countries involved in a fracas with the all powerful Chinese communist party.

The question to ask oneself is what makes Wuhan General Group China Inc any different from all other Chinese companies operating overseas?

The simple fact is; if Beijing says jump, withdraw, stop, start, disengage etc. Chinese companies have no choice but to obey handed down instructions or suffer the consequences

Over at Reuters we learn a little more about the group

About Wuhan General Group China Inc.
Wuhan General Group (China) Co., Ltd. is a China-based holding company. The Company operates through its subsidiaries, Wuhan Blower Co., Ltd., which is engaged in energy generation in the field; Wuhan Generating Equipment Co., Ltd.; Wuhan Xin Green Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is focused on numerical control machine tools, fans and power plant auxiliary products in the field of manufacturing. The Company, through its subsidiaries, also manufactures fans and power generation equipment, and power plant auxiliary products. The Company is also a supplier of CNC machine tool equipment. Its focus is on equipment manufacturing, environmental protection and new energy fields.

INDUSTRY: Misc. Capital Goods
CONTACT INFO: 6500 Rte Transcanadienne Suite 400
Canada. +1.514.9287368

Jeffrey Robinson – Chief Executive Officer
Luka Marjanovic – Director of Human Resources and Communications
Selah Abrams – Director of Corporate Strategic Partnerships
Rameez Adair- Director of Social Media
Ramy Kamaneh – Consultant

Bloomberg provide detail on the China end of the company

Wuhan General Group China Inc. manufactures industrial blowers and industrial steam and water turbines.

SECTOR Industrials

INDUSTRY Electrical Equipment

SUB-INDUSTRY Comml & Res Bldg Equip & Sys

FOUNDED 09/12/2006

ADDRESS Canglongdao Science Park Wuhan East Lake Wuhan, 430200 China

PHONE 86-27-5970-0069



The China website does not engender confidence

At Linked In

Wuhan General Group, Inc. through its wholly-owned subsidiary MJ MedTech is a nutraceutical biotechnology company that researches, develops and commercialises a range of CBD-based products under the Dr. AnnaRx™ and Medspresso™ brands. In addition, its new wholly-owned division, M2Bio is researching and developing indications for psilocybin new therapies that will help patients who suffer from mental illness, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

PRESS Release

Wuhan General to acquire Africa’s medicinal cannabis company

Jul. 17, 2020 

CBD-focused Wuhan General Group (OTCPK:WUHN) agrees to pursue the acquisition of Africa’s private company Tsime Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Supplies, driving research and manufacturing of CBD by-products.

Tsime will become the subsidiary of Wuhan’s MJ Medtech.

Tsime’s license that covers 32 hectares farm with 3 hectares of medicinal grade cannabis grants the ability to cultivate, extract and process medicinal cannabis. It also provides the authority to sell the commodity for medicinal, scientific and any other legal purpose.

Located in the Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa, Tsime enjoys the pro cannabis government with a low regulatory burden.

“We plan to expand our relationship considerably in the coming months with Willem and Medigrow Africa,” said Wuhan CEO Jeff Robinson.

Transaction is expected to close within 90 days.

Learn more about the company  by clicking on the image. They appear to be moving into the Psy space as well and talk like most companies in cannabis about making inroads into global markets with their CBD and we presume future Psy products.

Here’s some blurb..

Wuhan General Group is a Nevada state public incorporation trading on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board of NASDAQ under the trading symbol “WUHN”.

The Company is currently positioning itself to become a major player in the 146.4 billion dollars growing medical CBD (cannabidiol) space as well as the promising psilocybin medical health sector. Our mission is to advance botanical-based medicine to the forefront by deploying best practice science and medicine, clinical research and emerging technologies. has entered CBD by-product market.

Wuhan General Group through its wholly-owned subsidiary MJ MedTech, a nutraceutical company that researches, develops and commercializes a range of CBD-based products is launching of its premium CBD product lines which includes the CBD cosmetics line and the CBD coffee line in pharmacies, convenience stores and hotels across South Africa. The products are branded under the trademarks: DrAnnaRx™ and Medspresso™ respectively.

In addition, its new division, M2BIO aims to explore and develop additional indications for psilocybin new therapies that will help patients who suffer from mental illness. Wuhan has been researching multiple medicinal mushroom types in order to formulate its upcoming range of cosmetics, coffee, and teas for commercialization in early Q1 of 2020 within its M2Bio division.

The Company, with its multiple partnerships with Cape Town-based manufacturer and merchandiser of premium health products to all pharmacy & health shop chains across South Africa, will be launch Dr. AnnaRx and Medspresso products and distribute in 1000 stores and pharmacies in South Africa and adjacent countries. Our next phase is to go international: US, Canada, and Europe.

19 July 2020

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