CM Punk Names Interesting AEW Opponents, Says WWE Roster Would Never Unify For Anything

CM Punk Names Interesting AEW Opponents, Says WWE Roster Would Never Unify For Anything

CM Punk was very active on Twitter last night, urging fans to use the #askpunk hashtag to shoot their questions at the former WWE Champion.

Punk opened up the Q&A session by tweeting, “Deadlifting in the basement. Resting between sets. I’m around for a fireside chat of sorts. Any questions? Use #askpunk or I won’t see you!”

The first question he answered was on his thoughts about ThunderDome, WWE’s new state-of-the-art presentation which includes a new set, video boards, pyrotechnics, lasers, graphics and drone cameras, and rows of virtual fans on almost 1,000 LED boards.

“Feels like I’m in the greeting card section of a Walgreens. Think they got the idea from the NBA? Don’t like the thought of them ‘directing’ fans. But it’s a clever idea,” wrote Punk.

When asked about the potential of co-hosting a podcast with Renee Young, Punk simply said, “Hashtag ask Renee!”

Interestingly, Punk was asked if WWE’s locker room should consider boycotting shows to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake, following the example set by NBA, MLB, MLS, and WNBA teams that withdrew from scheduled games earlier this week.

Punk took a jab at WWE’s roster, noting that it lacks unity. “They would never ever unify and stick together for anything,” he tweeted.

During the Q&A, Punk also named which opponents would be interesting from AEW, writing, “I think interesting people to work with would be Omega and the Bucks.”

A little later, Punk named Finn Balor as his ideal opponent from NXT.

When asked if he ever considered becoming a commentator for UFC, Punk said he already calls fights for Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC).

Punk also replied to a fan, who wondered what the odds are of Punk returning to wrestle one more match. “Can’t answer. Don’t wanna see Hawkeye gif,” he wrote.

During the Q&A, which lasted more than an hour, Punk also answered a bunch of questions about his love for horror movies and comic books.

You can view some of Punk’s tweets below:

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