Google Maps Street View: Man caught during embarrassing ‘fail’

On a sleepy road in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland, an unexpected accident left one person face down in a field.

The scene unfolds on a country road, where a person can be seen riding a horse.

As the viewer clicks towards the direction the horse is trotting in, something shocking happens.

The horse’s body movements begin to seem erratic.

All of a sudden it rapidly turns from the road into a nearby field.

At first, the rider appears to still be atop the horse.

Then, at the next click, the horse is seen running into the distance.

Meanwhile, the rider has been thrown down into the grass.

Reddit users who saw the post reacted largely with humour.

One viewer wrote: “The rider on the ground with the horse taking off into the distance was hilarious.”

Another cheekily added: “The end did it for me.”

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