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I’ve connected my Gmail account to Outlook for Mac and attempted to get window.Workplace.context.mailbox.ewsUrl, it returns an empty string ''. I attempted to log into my Gmail account utilizing OWA and there it operates, it returns

Anticipated Behavior

Outlook for Mac to be constant with OWA and return ewsUrl when accessing window.Workplace.context.mailbox.ewsUrl.

Existing Behavior

window.Workplace.context.mailbox.ewsUrl is an empty string '' in Outlook for Mac when utilizing Gmail account.

Actions to Reproduce, or Reside Instance

  1. Add your Gmail account to Outlook for Mac, run add-in in taskpane. Verify window.Workplace.context.mailbox.ewsUrl. It will be an empty string ''.
  2. Add your Gmail account to OWA (, run add-in in a taskpane. Verify window.Workplace.context.mailbox.ewsUrl. It must be anything like


We can not access attachments through EWS API, considering the fact that there is no ewsUrl.

Your Atmosphere

  • Platform: Mac
  • Host: Outlook
  • Workplace version quantity: Outlook for Mac, version 16.40 (20081201)
  • Operating Technique: macOS Catalina ten.15.six
  • Browser: Chrome 85..4183.83 (it operates in this browser in OWA)

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