Thai domestic travellers stick close to home

More Thai travellers are opting for non-urban stays and coastal getaways, and holidaying closer to home, with privacy being top of mind for travellers.

Those are the post-pandemic travel trends reported by Airbnb. With travel opening up in Thailand, Airbnb is seeing significant growth in domestic bookings as Thais reignite their passion to travel and their desire to explore nearby neighbourhoods.

Thai domestic travellers favouring nearby destinations; Wat Arun temple in Bangkok, Thailand pictured

Destinations are trending to the near as Thais are travelling closer to home during this time – more than 40 per cent of Airbnb bookings are within 300 miles. Non-urban destinations are also proving to be popular, with more than 45 per cent of Airbnb travellers having booked stays in non-urban destinations in Thailand.

Beach destinations are having a moment, with Pattaya tying with Hua Hin as the most booked domestic resort destinations in Thailand on the accommodation platform.

With travel trending domestic and to destinations close to home, Airbnb are seeing guests opting for privacy in their choice of stays. Pools and kitchens are the top searched amenities, underscoring the desire for travellers to have more control over their immediate surroundings. Meanwhile, stays that are pet-friendly are ranking high with “allow pets” being in the top five most searched for amenities in Thailand.

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