Vending Machines Now Selling Cannabis Products In Czech Republic

Vending machines with cannabis for sale have been appearing in the Czech Republic lately, although the low-THC products offered are unlikely to get anyone high.

Instead, cannabis flower, oil, and tinctures high in CBD are available from the machines, which have already popped up in the cities of Prague, Ostrava, Cheb, and Olomouc and the tiny village of Pasohlávky in the South Moravia region of the country.

The vending machines are designed just like those designed for snacks or beverages. Dubbed CBD Mat, they carry products intended for general health and wellness. And while that includes cannabis flower high in CBD, the buds are not supposed to be rolled into a joint or packed into a bong, according to the company’s chief executive.

“It’s written on each product that cannabis is not intended for smoking, but only for vaporization or the production of ointments and similar,” said René Sirý, the CEO of CBD Mat.

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